Our community and surrounding areas have an abundance of ministries  that are doing great things to serve God by serving others, and we believe there are individuals who would love to participate but are not sure how to begin.  MissionFest is a yearly event organized by a team of individuals who are passionate about sharing Christ in service to others.  MissionFest will be a time to:

  • Celebrate and energize existing mission efforts
  • Share ideas and build cooperative efforts
  • Show believers how they can pray for, contribute to, and participate in local and global missions.


Below is a list of individuals who have devoted their time and efforts to make MissionFest come alive for God and the community.

Jerri Coleman
Ben Crass
Bobbi Crouch
Dan Delacruz
Chris Edmonds
Rick Hetzel
Kim Hope
Nancy Jernigan

  Cheryl Mothes
Justin Pobst
Merideth Pobst
Jack Priest
Janet Ruopp
Dana Schweiger
Jeff Scott
Jimmy Wilferth